We understand pain
Pain Care VR was developed with some of the top researchers in the world to target the tension that often comes with chronic pain.
Pain Care VR empowers people to improve their quality of life
Pain Care VR is a digital wellness program that offers relaxation on demand, every day. We provide evidence-based tools using virtual reality that are simple to learn and enjoyable to repeat.
An integrated approach to comfort
Evidence Based
Based on cognitive behavioral approaches for relaxation, mindfulness, and balance.
Expert Developed
Created with a team of psychologists, researchers, patients, designers, and doctors.
Beth Darnall, PhD
Pain Scientist, Stanford University
Heavily Researched
Conducted studies with over 200 patients measuring positive improvements to their quality of life.
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And More.
What is CBT and ACT?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are psychological treatments that provide you with tools to cope with life stressors and improve your well-being. These therapies assist you in becoming aware of the factors that negatively impact your mental health and show you alternative strategies to respond to them more effectively. These treatments have also been shown to improve the quality of life and functioning of people with chronic pain.
Our Program
Pain Care VR integrates therapeutic principles from ACT and CBT to help you cope better with stress and chronic pain. Our immersive experiences explore the connection between your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and pain. We introduce you to mindfulness through interactive breath awareness, breathing training, and meditative practices. Our Pain Care VR program encourages you to finally shift the focus away from your pain to the enjoyment you can regain.
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Transforming health care through the power of pixels. AppliedVR was co-founded by experienced technology entrepreneurs, who teamed with world-renowned health care practitioners and academics, to create true societal change.  

AppliedVR addresses the unmet needs of patients impacted by pain and the opioid epidemic. The mission of the company is to establish its VR platform as the de facto standard for digital pain management and pioneer a new treatment paradigm for opioid sparing pain management in the hospital, clinic, and at home.
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