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Dolphins Healing
Mallorca I, II, III
Body Scan I, II, III
Compassion Relaxation I, II, III
Awareness of the Mind I, II, III
Tibetan Singing Bowls I, II, III
Well-Being Relaxation I, II, III
Body Relaxation
Mindful Breathing
Learn breathing and mindfulness skills to bring calm.
Focus Game I, II, III
Breath of Hope
Breathing Life
Paced Breathing
Dream Garden
Building Breath
Breathing Portal
Deep Relaxation
Dream Maker
Learn how your psychological state affects your pain.
Program Intro
Intro to Pain Education
Power of the Mind
Let's Talk About Pain
Present Moment
Harm Alarm
Noticing Thoughts
Suffering is Optional
Research Partners
We work with the best subject matter experts in pain from leading institutions to create the highest quality experiences.
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