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Software + Amplifier™ + 32 GB Oculus Go

32 GB Oculus Go VR headset ($199)

Pain Care VR software comes preinstalled for your convenience

Amplifier allows you to visualize your breath in VR

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The Complete package includes all the components you need to find comfort. A $199 Oculus Go 32 GB headset comes pre-installed with our Pain Care VR software for your convenience. The specially designed Amplifier clips on to activate the breathing-enabled biofeedback system. Feel confident with access to technical support specialists and a 30-day money back guarantee.
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Visualize your breath
Watch your breathing come to life. Our custom Amplifier uses biofeedback technology to visualize your breath in VR to guide you through breath training for relaxation.
Pain care amplifier
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Our companion Pain Care iOS app helps reinforce and strengthen skills learned with Pain Care VR, on-the-go.
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40+ Specially designed VR experiences
Suffering is Optional
Noticing Thoughts
Harm Alarm
Present Moment
Let's Talk About Pain
Power of the Mind
Intro to Pain Education
Program Intro
Dream Maker
Deep Relaxation
Breathing Portal
Building Breath
Dream Garden
Paced Breathing
Breathing Life
Breath of Hope
Focus Game I, II, III
Mindful Breathing
Body Relaxation
Well-Being Relaxation I, II, III
Tibetan Singing Bowls I, II, III
Awareness of the Mind I, II, III
Compassion Relaxation I, II, III
Body Scan I, II, III
Mallorca I, II, III
Dolphins Healing
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It reminds me that I am in control of my body. I am stronger than the pain.
Amanda G.
This provided me with tools to control my pain.
Claudia C.
It reminds me that I am in control of my body. I am stronger than the pain.
Chris S.
An integrated approach to comfort
Evidence Based
Based on cognitive behavioral approaches for relaxation, mindfulness, and balance.
Expert Developed
Created with a team of psychologists, researchers, patients, designers, and doctors.
Beth Darnall, PhD
Pain Scientist, Stanford University
Heavily Researched
Conducted studies with over 200 patients measuring positive improvements to their quality of life.
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